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Harmony Preschool has been educating children, ages three to five, for over 14 years in Meridian, Idaho and is now offering a completely online option as well with Harmony at Home.

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Harmony at Home: In your own home. On your own schedule. At your own pace. With more involvement in your preschooler's education.

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Harmony Preschool & Harmony at Home:
Quality education. Engaging curriculum.
Extraordinary students.

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Registration for On-site Harmony Preschool begins Tuesday, January 19

Enrollment for Virtual Fall Semester will begin in July

What We Teach At Harmony Learning

Looking For Our On-site Harmony Preschool?

Looking For Our Virtual  Harmony at Home Preschool?

What is Virtual  Harmony at Home Preschool?

Pre-Recorded, Engaging Circle Times

These are not your normal preschool circle times!  These circle times are much more like a children’s show- puppetry, outdoor scenes, music videos, dramatized scenes, learning centers, art projects, and much more. Each circle time is approximately thirty minutes in length.  The circle times are available online for you to watch whenever you want and however many times you want (for the duration of the semester).

Our Preschool class (children who are one year away from kindergarten) curriculum includes three circle times each week. 

Our Early Preschool class (children who are two years away from kindergarten) curriculum includes two circle times each week.



Home Activity Suggestions

Our home activities suggest fun ways you can spend time with your preschooler reinforcing what was presented in our circle time videos. Preschoolers will receive two suggested home activities to supplement each circle time video.

Here are a couple of the suggested home activities you can expect to see in our fall curriculum:



Downloadable PDF Activities

This portion of our curriculum provides students with opportunities to reinforce and practice what they have seen and learned on our circle time videos.  Each circle time comes with two or more of these downloadable activities.

Here are some examples:


Online Learning Centers

Our online learning centers are created by Harmony Learning exclusively for Harmony Learning preschoolers. We facilitate these online learning centers through the educational platform called Seesaw. The learning centers are completed and then submitted back to our Harmony Learning teachers.  This helps us gauge what portions of our curriculum have been mastered by our students and what may require a little more practice. These centers also provide you, as the adult in the home, with the chance to see how well your preschooler is retaining what they are learning during our circle time videos.

Real Student Examples:

Class Social Time

Sometimes it is fun to come together in a live zoom classroom and interact together!

Once a week, our virtual preschoolers will be invited to join our thirty-minute class zoom call. The call is in the afternoon and always occurs on the same day and time each week.  

During these calls:
Your preschooler participates live with their preschool teacher and online classroom peers. Each student is invited to talk and share. We sing songs, do projects together, explore science experiments, or sometimes just learn about each other.  



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2020/2021 Virtual Harmony at Home School Year

3 Semesters (10 weeks each)

Fall Semester

September | October | November

Winter Semester

December | January | February

Spring Semester

March | April | May

Class Options & Pricing

Preschool | Virtual

Preschool | On-Site

Online Curriculum
Class Zoom


with full-year commitment

On-Site Classes
Online Curriculum


for on-site & online

Early Preschool | Virtual

Early Preschool | On-Site

Online Curriculum
Class Zoom


with full-year commitment

On-Site Classes
Online Curriculum


for on-site & online

A quality education begins with
quality literature.

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