A Note from Miss Michelle Regarding 2021-22 Preschool

2020 Growth and Change

The year 2020 has been a year of incredible growth and change for me personally and for Harmony Preschool.  The growth and changes at Harmony have been large and many!

  • We are successfully providing a safe on-site preschool experience for a large group of three and four-year-olds living in the Meridian area.
  • We created a beautiful new website.
  • We changed our logo to Harmony Learning to represent both our on-site Harmony Preschool and our brand new virtual Harmony at Home preschool. Our virtual preschool has been a success and will continue next year.

I have worked hard; I worked full time through the 2020 summer and my preschool days this year have been 12-14 hour work days. Personally, I became a grandma and we added a second son-in-law to our family. And due to the current pandemic and political climate, I have spent much time in introspection looking for ways I need to improve myself, be more resilient, show more patience and understanding, and focus on what matters most.

Harmony at Home

What I have witnessed in our virtual program has been revolutionary for me as far as the beliefs I held before the pandemic regarding online learning. The right mix of age-appropriate curriculum, practice activities, and at-home support is magical. Our virtual students have retained all that has been introduced to them through our curriculum at a rate I was not expecting. They know their stuff!  And families were able to do it on their own time at their own pace. It has been a joy to see the bond that is created between parent and child when learning occurs together at home.  I guess I really should not be surprised, as I have always believed that a preschooler learning at home with invested grownups is the richest environment for learning and growth. Ever since I began teaching almost two decades ago, I have wanted to bridge the learning from our on-site school into the homes of our preschool families.  I have finally figured it all out! Our Harmony at Home curriculum is a perfect tool for this type of learning.

Harmony Preschool 2021-22

All of these business and personal 2020 growth experiences have led to a new Harmony Preschool model for our 2021-22 preschool year.  For the most part, we will be the same preschool you have always experienced!

What is not changing?

  • The curriculum, music, scrapbooks, folders, and themes are all staying!
  • We will hold two morning classes at the preschool- two MWF classes (Preschool) and two TTH classes (Early Preschool).
  • The daily routine will stay as it always has- learning centers, circle time, snack, outdoor/freeplay time, lots of music, lots of fun. Field trips, Christmas Music Programs, class parties, and End-of-Year Programs will hopefully all resume.
  • We will follow the West Ada Schools calendar (unless things get crazy like they did this past year)

What is changing?

  • All on-site preschoolers will have access to the Harmony at Home curriculum provided on our website. This includes full access to circles times with Miss Michelle, all suggested enrichment activities, home practice pdf’s and our Seesaw interactive classroom. These circle times are more like a children’s educational show than a recording of a teacher sitting in a chair teaching the entire time. They aren’t just about letters and numbers, but social skills, fun, science experiments, and much more. You can view a demo of our Harmony at Home circle times on our website. Harmony at Home provides parents with a firsthand look into what we are learning at the preschool. For the most part, the circle times match those occurring at the preschool with some added content we are able to add because it is virtual. You can watch the circle times with your child and see what we have learned each day! Our on-line curriculum also provides you with some flexibility to miss a day at the preschool (for vacation or sickness) and still have access to the day’s circle time and curriculum. Your child can participate in our Harmony at Home curriculum as much as they would like.  These at-home days also provide me with something very important: the flexibility to be the grandma I want to be.  I have taught for 19 years and love teaching with all of my heart. Preschool was something I could do as a young mom and still be everything I wanted to be as a mother.  I hope to be everything I want to be as a grandma, but that will require me some time to travel out of state and this allows me to do so.  This also allows for days I may need to take off for sickness.  In 19 years, I have missed 3 days of school- one day for a broken rib and 2 days for the influenza. It doesn’t happen often, but it would be nice to know that when it is absolutely necessary, I can be sick and my students can still learn.
  • I will teach circle time AND learning center time for all classes. I look forward to hiring a teacher’s aide for our upcoming school year! If you or someone you know is interested, let me know!
  • There will be a few Harmony at Home preschool days on our calendar where your child does not attend in person, but enjoys the at-home curriculum- 14 days for our MWF preschoolers and 6 days for our TTH early preschoolers. BUT, some of these days fall on days when your preschooler would not have come to school anyway because it is a No School day in the West Ada school district. This would account for 5 of the 14 at-home days for MWF preschoolers and 1 of the 6 days for our TTH early preschoolers.  You can view a calendar with the specific dates attached to this email. I have taken the time to count how many total days our MWF children are attending and how many total days our TTH children are attending and everything works out very fairly with time at the school and tuition rates. These at-home days can be true gems for you and your child.
  • Preschool tuition rates in the valley are increasing at a pace I have never seen before. High quality preschools in Boise and Meridian are running between $230-$400 per month, which does not include an at-home learning curriculum. With the inclusion of our at-home curriculum and to remain competitive in the market, our tuition rates are changing. Tuition for Preschool will be $195 and tuition for Early Preschool will be $150. Nowhere in the Treasure Valley will you find a preschool that provides this kind of on-site and on-online curriculum.  I am very aware of what is occurring with other preschools in the valley and I am confident that your child is getting the best of the best at Harmony Learning.

I am very loyal to all of you who have been with me for so long.  I hope you know I have weighed this heavily and I believe with all my heart that this is a program set for success.  My joy is overflowing to know your preschoolers have been able to still attend this year, still develop friendships, still experience social situations, still learn and laugh and grow together.  I hope to have you all back and I welcome any concerns or questions.

See attached documents for yearly calendar, Student Policies, and classes/fees.  Registration begins on Tuesday, January 19th.  You can register at:

Miss Michelle